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Inspector Sorrow 
Interactive Props & i-books, A.I.R. Gallery, New York
Inspector Sorrow, a solo exhibition by Negin Sharifzadeh,

My project, Inspector Sorrow, is an ongoing series of Photo prints, videos, interactive sculptures and costumes which showcases the ephemera of an imagined film. A detective story entangled in quantum-level simulations.The viewer is drawn into this entangled narrative in the future and the present, via a psychotic break or a manipulation of a criminal mastermind through video, storyboards, soundscapes, props, and faint whispers on an ancient telephone.This medium and way of working is driven from my previous experience in storytelling creating stop-motion films and projecting them into immersive installations of the objects and sculpture. The audience literally walks into my films, surrounded by objects built into and drawn from the film. In Inspector Sorrow, I have extended this language into an exploration of the vocabulary of filmmaking itself particularly the stylized noir murder mysteries and sci-fi genre I’m obsessed with!


Inspector Sorrow has developed into an alter ego for the artist, projecting her

into  the world she has created. You can view the press kit here.

Interviews, Reviews and Press Coverage of Inspector Sorrow below:
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Credits and Talents
Sharifzadeh would like to credit and thank the following talents for assisting her in realizing this exhibition.

Cameraman and Video-photo compositor: Harold Moss

StoryBoard Artist: Syd Fini
Sound artist & Musician: Andrea Cavallari

Concept Artist for ebook design: Christina Newhard


 Soraya BroukhimHaley GastMadeleine SinnockMorag Wesselman and

 Lara Wolf

Photo shoot of Inspector Sorrow: Serge Hamad

Costume Design: Azita Adib

Shooting Location
FlickerLab Animation Studio
Dr Khamesi’s Dental office

In the Exhibition Inspector Sorrow,Sharifzadeh built interactive sculptural objects. The audience had to interact with each object to receive a clue to move to the next. The audience were also guided to walk in a specific order.

The sculptural object above, is a detective board and a hidden chest of drawer. The audience have to study the board and open the chest of drawer for information and clues on the Sci-Fi Detective Story.

Once the audience move to this station and get closer to the phone, the sensor in the phone gets activated and the phone starts to ring. As soon as the the viewers pick up the phone they will hear a voice message from Inspector Sorrow. Once they look into the peep hole they would also see images of her in the future from where she is calling.

Interactive e-book, the audience would go to the menu which is constituted of gold squares one could press and it will take you to the different parts of the script. The viewers should be quick enough to read the text before something happens to it. Like the page above after few seconds the text starts getting censored like CIA documents.

Artist Syd Fini, visualized the script to an astonishing story boards. An imagined futuristic

New York in the year 2053 when and where the story happens. Click here to see the full story board.

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