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Artist Statement

 Growing up in one of the most complex regions of the world, during a time of war, social tension and political upheavals, made flux and uncertainty inherent my world view. I was raised steeped in the history and culture of the region, yet nothing could be taken for granted, everything could be leveled in a moment. History was a force that erupted in daily life, unpending everything. This background made me interested in the small histories, the stories that defines us as individuals. In these microcosms can be found all the forces of history writ large. Myths are written, not about peoples and nations, but about individuals, for just this reason. I look to find the reflection of my mythic and universal in the ordinary tragedies and triumphs that make up the lives we move through. My animated films grew out of my sculptural and performing arts practices, the two mediums I studied academically. All the characters, props and objects are made by hand, then manipulated and moved to be shot in camera, frame by frame. I am excited to be adding live-action into this mix, distilling the essence of performance through all the details of a face, a longing look, and combining it with animation and sculptural work to create an immersive experience.

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